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På den sjette dagen sa Gud til erkeengelen Gabriel:

“Idag skal jeg skape et land kalt Norge. Det kommer til å bli et naturskjønt land, med høye fjell, breer, klare elver, fjorder og et rikt dyreliv både på land og i sjøen. Luften vil være frisk og ren, og utenfor landet skal jeg legge rike oljefelter, slik at befolkningen kommer til å bli makeløst velstående. Innbyggerne kaller jeg nordmenn, og de vil bli kjent som et av de lykkeligste folkeslagene på jorda.”

“Du synes ikke at du er litt vel sjenerøs mot disse såkalte nordmennene, da?” Spurte Gabriel forsiktig.

“Egentlig ikke,” svarte Gud, “for du har ikke sett hvilke naboer jeg kommer til å gi dem…”

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How to Cope with Blah Days 



1. Recognise that it’s a feeling – and our moods go up and down.  Shrug your shoulders, grit your teeth and choose to make it through the day. Nothing’s really wrong – and there is nothing wrong with you. It’s just the way you’re feeling – and our feelings usually change.

2. Don’t be hard and condemn yourself.  Don’t beat yourself up for feeling miserable and blah, or for feeling apathetic and low on energy. Be patient, understanding and gentle with yourself. You’re no worse than others as we ALL have blah days

3. Do something rather that nothing.  Do a few mindless tasks so you don’t just waste the day – and you’re likely to feel better once those you’ve got those out the way as they’re usually the things that you never want to do!

4. Only do as much as you have to. It’s going to take all your strength just to make it through the day. Preserve your energy – and allow some things to slide. You can always get round to them another day.

5. Be extra nice to yourself.  One of the best ways to fight a bleary day is to be nice to yourself and to do the kinds of things that help to lift your mood and to brighten up your day. For example, go out for a coffee, or have a bubble bath, turn up your favourite music or call a bunch of friends.  Do all the kinds of things you know will help to boost your mood.

6. Remind yourself that it’s likely to pass.  A bad day is just a day. It’s not the whole of your life. It just means that right now you want to crawl back into bed. It doesn’t mean your goals are wrong or that you won’t succeed in life! You’re just having a bad day – and it’s likely to pass.

Really good advice I think we ALL need to hear once in a while.

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(( denmark is perfect

how can you dislike this cutie

just look at how happy he always looks

I MEAN HE WAS A VIKING (and an adorable babu)

and he looks damn good in a pirate outfit

and if you dislike him (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)

 you are wrong (◕‿◕✿) ))

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"I write Hetalia fanfiction for a reason. I write it because I read the comic, I watched the show, I read some fanfic, and I went ‘Hey! These characters are awesome! Wouldn’t it be fun to write stories about them and their interactions? Let’s throw America and England into a London pub in 1943 and see what happens!’ Isn’t it interesting the amount of AUs there are in Hetalia fanfiction? It’s because of the characters! Hetalia doesn’t have much of a setting, it doesn’t actually have much of a plot, but it has some of the most interesting characters I’ve ever come across. We all know them, we all understand them. When we see Berwald Oxenstierna turn up in a story, wherever it is set, we know what he looks like; we know he’s Swedish; we know he’s going to be serious and silent; we know he’s probably going to be in love with a Finnish bloke called Tino and there’s a good chance he’s going to make furniture and own a fluffy white dog. We know who his character is – the interest is in seeing how he is going to act; whether as a poker-playing groundskeeper in a university share house, for example, or as an ex-volunteer soldier to the Finnish front in a German army unit. The Hetalia characters are archetypes. We identify with them in some way. We share and bond over our ideas of them, our stories of them – almost like the ancient Greeks or Romans might have done over tales of the Gods. That’s why we write about them." — George deValier, being absolutely perfect (via redlark)

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Romano wearing nice outfits: It always sort of pissed me off how Romano has pretty much some of the best taste in fashion out of any character in the series yet in the anime all he wears is a fucking ugly PINK shirt that he apparently never changes.

but he was dressed as number ten in the third one okay i should shut up but my baby is fabulous 5ever

Italy is very well-known for its great fashion, so OF COURSE that would be reflected upon the sexier Italy bro

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AU where all the Avengers are teachers—

  • Tony’s the smartass physics teacher, the one whose exams are impossibly difficult, but you can’t even hate him for that, because he tells the best stories and lets you swear and eat in class or use your phone, because he does all of that, too. He’ll basically let you get away with anything because he gives even less of a fuck than any of the students.
  • Bruce is the super nice math teacher, the blessed saint who grades homework on completion, and who’s always available to talk to outside of class to help you understand the material and makes you feel like a champ when you finally get that pesky quadratic equation thing down. And if you don’t, well don’t worry about it, he gives plenty of opportunities for extra credit, because he sees the best in everyone.
  • Thor’s the gym teacher who thinks he’s doing the nerds a favor when he gives them one-on-one attention (“Come now, scrawny one! I shall do these 10 push-ups with you!”); he’s also the football coach who’s in better shape than anyone on the team.
  • Loki teaches European history, but his classroom window overlooks the track, where Thor’s classes are always making noise, and sometimes Thor catches Loki looking out the window and booms, “BROTHER, JOIN US IN THIS ROUSING MATCH OF KICKBALL,” and the students think it’s hilarious, but every time they laugh, Loki slams the window shut and gives them a pop quiz.
  • Steve teaches American history, and is blissfully unaware of how much high school kids know about sex, and is astonished at what he sees in the halls between classes. You absolutely cannot swear in his class because he’ll write you up, no exceptions. He’s also the coach of the really sucky baseball team, but firmly believes they always “try their best,” no matter how bad the score.
  • Natasha’s the hot foreign language teacher that everyone’s terrified of. She gives speaking tests all the time, and docks major points if you speak without an accent. If she catches you texting in class, she takes your phone and changes it to the most obscure language in the settings, and she’ll only change it back if you give her a rundown of what you were texting about in the first place—in whatever language she’s teaching.
  • Clint teaches English, and the thought of disappointing him by getting a bad grade or not turning in your homework makes your insides turn, because he’s nothing but nice, and he’ll always write you a hall pass if you need one. Everyone knows he has a thing for Natasha—there’re rumors about an experience they shared while studying abroad in Budapest, of all places—and there are bets among the other teachers when he’s going to make a move.
  • Peter Parker’s a student teacher under Tony, and Tony sees this as just one more excuse to do whatever the fuck he wants during class, so he hangs out with Bruce, or pokes his head in the doorway to Steve’s classroom and shouts “SEX” then keeps walking like nothing happened. But one day Tony finds a note Peter left for him saying he couldn’t keep doing this because he couldn’t control the students, so Tony sends him a text saying the next day is on him, but he expects Peter to be back the day after that. Peter returns to students who are almost too well-behaved, and when he asks Tony what happened, Tony just smiles.
  • Principal Fury normally designates disciplinary practices to Assistant Principal Coulson, unless the kid is there on account of Steve (Fury wishes he had a dollar for every time Steve sent someone to the office for swearing or texting in class), because Coulson’s a huge baseball fan and followed Steve’s college career, and he could’ve played in the majors, but instead Steve chose to teach, so Coulson would always uphold Steve’s detention sentences because he worshiped him.

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I am unable to make grilled cheese of any kind without thinking about Elise

Is this some jedi mind trick

help me




headcanon whenever francis really wants to piss arthur off he’ll go about narrating arthur’s every movement and only numerous punches to the face can stop him

((“Look. Ze englishman in his natural environment. Notice ze pressed clothes and cute pout. Mon Dieu, ze brute British man is venturing toward ze kitchen. ‘e could be planning a recipe for our demise! Let us peer closer to—Sacre bleu! We ‘ave been spotte—ARTHUR NON NOT THE EIFFEL TOWER.”))

yeah here it is with some a+ commentary

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headcanon that Canada is one of those extreme animal activists that will stand on the street throwing flyers at people and being all like “SAVE THE SEALS SAVE THEM RIGHT NOW DO IT HEY DON’T IGNORE ME SAVE THEM COME ON THEY NEED THIS”

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oh gosh I really do love fruk though


me too


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